Thibodaux, Louisiana!


My experience in Thibodaux, Louisiana has been filled with nothing but positive memories and experiences. This Louisiana town, which lies on the bayou just south of I-10 is home to about 15,000 people as well as Nicholls State University! A town filled with outgoing people, great food, and for the most part spectacular weather has been my home for the past 8+ months.

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Follow The Yellow “Bead” Road??


Mardi Gras, which in essence is a celebration of over indulgence prior to beginning the Lenten season was first brought to the United States in the late 17th Century by French Catholic settlers who had claimed the region that now makes up Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama!

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Wrong Side of The Rivalry!!


Even though I am brand new to the bayou, everybody here is as nice as can be and truly reaches out to make me feel like family! However I have found myself on the wrong side of the cheering section a couple times in the past few weeks.  I would say that I am a very interested fan of football. I have always enjoyed watching great high school, college, or even professional games.  There are many teams that I enjoy watching, however ever since I was a very young child the teams that I have claimed as “my teams” are the Miami Dolphins in the NFL and the Florida Gators at the collegiate level.  I believe this is because I always liked teams the aired it out and threw the ball a lot and when I was young and that’s what both of these teams were known for.  So, dating back to approximately the 2nd grade I have rolled with the Gators on Saturday and the Phins or Sundays!

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Road Trip Day #2



Rest Stop Sign

The second day of my road trip resumed after resting for a couple short hours at the Mississippi Welcome Center near the state line between Alabama and itself.  As I pulled away from my parking place I realized that I hadn’t slept all night but a break from starring at oncoming headlights was good. The sun was rising and I knew it was going to be a beautiful day to make the long diagonal commute across the state and eventually into Louisiana.

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