Mindset Towards Success – Episode #4

Flexing Pic

Success requires you to have a little Toughness!  View the following link: http://youtu.be/59Cm4FLBt_k


Walking in Memphis!




Spending the weekend in Memphis, Tennessee a city rich in culture and more than enough options for entertaining yourself! Memphis is prideful of its music, sports, food, and overall southern spirit, which embraces you once, you embark upon its picturesque downtown streets. A vibrant city that lies in the Southwest corner of the state literally only miles from Arkansas to the West and Mississippi to the South!


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The Season’s 1st Game!

Rim & Ball

College basketball season is officially here! The first game day of the year always has a special feel for me as I have dedicated my life, up to this point, to the game of basketball. I have had the opportunity to coach in different systems under a diverse group or coaches and in several different parts of the country, but when that initial game on the schedule finally arrives it is always a very similar feeling.


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Pre-Season Hoops Contests!


Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net

Courtesy: freedigitalphotos.net


Most if not all college basketball coaches refer to the season in 4 parts, the pre-season, non-conference schedule, conference, and the post season.  In a perfect world, each part prepares you to do grow as a unit and be even better when the next segment of the season arrives.  If this indeed takes place your team will find itself competing for a league championship in March and ultimately the post-season spectacle of the NCAA Tournament!


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