Wrong Side of The Rivalry!!


Even though I am brand new to the bayou, everybody here is as nice as can be and truly reaches out to make me feel like family! However I have found myself on the wrong side of the cheering section a couple times in the past few weeks.  I would say that I am a very interested fan of football. I have always enjoyed watching great high school, college, or even professional games.  There are many teams that I enjoy watching, however ever since I was a very young child the teams that I have claimed as “my teams” are the Miami Dolphins in the NFL and the Florida Gators at the collegiate level.  I believe this is because I always liked teams the aired it out and threw the ball a lot and when I was young and that’s what both of these teams were known for.  So, dating back to approximately the 2nd grade I have rolled with the Gators on Saturday and the Phins or Sundays!

Since moving to Louisiana three weeks ago, I have found myself as the huge minority on game days on more than one occasion!  Today my Florida Gators face a tough SEC match-up with the LSU Tigers!  It’s not enough that both of these programs are in the Top 25, because down here in Louisiana, everybody is an LSU fan! People here bleed purple and gold and aren’t afraid to share there passion with you! Every game day is a huge party and rarely is there ever anyone rooting for the team on the other side of the ball!  Today should be a lot of fun even though I will more than likely be out numbered: Me vs. The entire state!

I am well prepared though because just over a week ago my Dolphins played the hometown New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.  The only thing in this state more important to the natives than LSU football is the New Orleans Saints!  The Saints have always been a sense of pride for the people of Louisiana but even more so since the Hurricane and Super Bowl Championship, the Saints represent Hope, Community, Strength, Pride, and so many more things to this region!  It’s not hard to find someone who will talk to you for an hour our more about their Saints and I absolutely love it!  That is just one example of what makes sports so great! They truly drive energy into our society and offer refuge to people’s everyday lives.

So I may be the only voice rooting for the Gators in Louisiana today, but I am sure it will be an awesome game and a lot of fun!  Rivalries, Sports, Good Times, and Good People are how I will spend my weekend! I hope you have a great one as well.


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