Wrong Side of The Rivalry!!


Even though I am brand new to the bayou, everybody here is as nice as can be and truly reaches out to make me feel like family! However I have found myself on the wrong side of the cheering section a couple times in the past few weeks.  I would say that I am a very interested fan of football. I have always enjoyed watching great high school, college, or even professional games.  There are many teams that I enjoy watching, however ever since I was a very young child the teams that I have claimed as “my teams” are the Miami Dolphins in the NFL and the Florida Gators at the collegiate level.  I believe this is because I always liked teams the aired it out and threw the ball a lot and when I was young and that’s what both of these teams were known for.  So, dating back to approximately the 2nd grade I have rolled with the Gators on Saturday and the Phins or Sundays!

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