My Holiday Challenge To YOU!


The Holiday Season is upon us, which is generally regarded as the time period from Thanksgiving through New Years. Everybody views this month plus long period in different ways and spends their time away from work differently. No matter what your beliefs, traditions, and typical holiday practices, I would encourage each of you to be grateful for those whom have touched your life and go out of your way to express that to them with true holiday spirit!

Time is our most valuable asset bar none and we never know when our time is up or the time of those whom we value relationships with will expire. Whether your umbrella of friends and family is large or only a small few, do your very best to spend time with as many as possible this holiday season. If its impossible to connect in person, refrain from sending the generic mass text and instead dedicate some time to pick up the phone and make personal phone calls to those you value and be sure to express to them the value they have brought to your life.

Our world moves so fast and all of us think that we are so busy, but we can always make time if we want to and there is no better reason to do so then to share Love with each other. It will mean the world to someone and at the end of the day will prove to be priceless to you as well.

One more challenge for this season: Go out of your way to make as many random acts of kindness as possible to complete strangers! They can be very small yet have significant impacts both on you and the recipient. In this day and age where minimal personal communication is the norm, it can be as simple as a verbal compliment to someone you pass in the store, but keep your eyes open for chances to do small things for others and expect nothing in return. The magic is though; you will be rewarded 10 times over!

Happy Holidays!


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