The Last, First Practice!




The last, first practice of the year is a special thing for a Senior! It is a day of excitement; but also, a day of alarm that this is the last go around as a college basketball player! A day that you can’t wait to get started yet, one that makes you realize you have started your last long grueling stretch of practice where you beat up on your body and teammates for several weeks before you ever get to let your built up passion and new improved game from the year before out on an actual opponent!




This day serves as a moment of truth to a collegiate Senior! A day where they have to answer the questions where has the last 3+ years gone? Have I maximized my opportunity? Have I enjoyed the process? Am I ready to end my career in a very special way? Will I leave a legacy because that’s wheat the great ones do?



What are you willing to do to make your Senior year one of the best years of your life?



The one thing that I have learned to ALWAYS be true in my 18 years of coaching is that no matter what level you are at……. Guys ALWAYS have regret once it is over!!… that they didn’t give their best effort!  Didn’t truly give 100%!  Didn’t truly sacrifice as if their life depended on it!  As if their hopes and dreams were on the line! Have you given everything you have? Do you want to live with regret??  It won’t go away….ever!



It’s easy to give your best on good days….. Will you step up when you meet adversity? When you are tired, sore, stressed??  Will you not accept excuses??  From yourself, teammates, or staff???



If it’s truly important to you, I would ask you to consider the following statement:



Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.



Good Luck to every Senior this year!  I hope you enjoy each and every remaining second of your college career!  If you approach this properly it should be one of the best times of your life!



Enjoy Playing the Game YOU Love!


Yours in Hoops,



Coach Darren Kohne




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