15 Day Juice Cleanse Journey



I have officially just completed a 15 day juice cleanse. This is something I have wanted to do for quite some time yet hadn’t found the appropriate time to do so until now. I had completed a couple 3 and 5 days cleanses in the past few years though and was satisfied with the results.

A 15-day cleanse sounds a bit extreme and possibly even intimidating to some. I saw this as both a mental challenge and an opportunity to completely flush my body and improve my overall health and wellness. So for 15 consecutive days I consumed 5, 16 oz cold pressed juices consisting of a variety of recipes of raw fruit and vegetables only. In addition another 8, 16 oz bottles of water, as for best results you want to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day. Though you can make your own juice with a quality juicer, due to my hectic schedule and wanting to support local businesses, I purchased all of my products from ALL Juice (www.alljuicedelivery.com) in Toledo, OH.

75 bottles of juice and 120 bottles of water later, I completed this entire cleanse strictly by the rules/goals, without barely any temptation to cheat. Now I consider myself to have a high level of mental strength and had planned to complete the challenge about a month is advance so had myself ready, but nonetheless, its still a complete change to your day-to-day routine and mindset which will test you. However, I am happy that I completed the entire cleanse and had zero regret throughout. Since I insured that I got every ounce of fluids down each day, I didn’t even feel hungry. If anything there was just the habit of eating that seemed to be missing. As a result I felt increased energy, had much improved sleep patterns, and saw improvements in my skin color/complexion. The doctor has diagnosed me with plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which is painful on a daily basis and I would estimate a 50% improvement with this during this cleanse. Also, though my goal of this cleanse was not to lose weight, I did lose a total of 19lbs from start to finish.

If you have ever been interested or intrigued by trying a cleanse; I would highly recommend putting your body through this natural reset. I would start with a shorter duration and then increase over time if you like the results, but I do feel confident that you will be happy you did. If you are in the NW Ohio or SE Michigan, you won’t find a better product than by paying a visit to Abbey at ALL Juice.   If you have any further questions about my experience on this journey, I am happy to address them.