Road Trip Day #2



Rest Stop Sign

The second day of my road trip resumed after resting for a couple short hours at the Mississippi Welcome Center near the state line between Alabama and itself.  As I pulled away from my parking place I realized that I hadn’t slept all night but a break from starring at oncoming headlights was good. The sun was rising and I knew it was going to be a beautiful day to make the long diagonal commute across the state and eventually into Louisiana.



Hattiesburg is the biggest major city that I actually went directly through in the Magnolia State but what a scenic drive of natural countryside.  Eventually I made it down to the coast and crossed over into Louisiana but not before first trekking across a huge bridge that stretched several miles across a sparkling harbor of water. This is only the first of several very large bridges that I would come to cross before reaching my destination in Southern Louisiana.



After winding along the bayou for a while I next came to the Big Easy, a place as unique as you will find in the country.  New Orleans has been a gracious host to me on several occasion and no visit is ever the same with the vast assortment of culture, arts, music, food, etc, I am not sure that I will ever get bored of visiting the city that the locals simply refer to as NOLA! 



So finally after 2 days of traveling across the US, I reached my final destination on the coast and decided to call it a day and sit back and enjoy some Cajun shrimp Creole and catfish! It was delicious and arguably the best dinner I have had yet thus far in 2013.



Thank you for keeping up with me over this journey. I am sure I will have more exciting adventures to share soon!  Aiyeeee!!



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