The Transition of Moving!



 The transition of moving will always proved to be a hectic time where you are trying to accomplish a ton of things in a very short amount of time. This past month I accepted a coaching position in Louisiana. Since I was in Ohio at the time, I had to find someone to rent my house, decide what I was going to move with me as apposed to store. Then pack and make my trip across the country. Once arriving, I had to go through all the rigors of starting a new job such as a stack of HR paperwork, moving into my office, meeting the essential people whom I will interact with on a weekly basis and learning their function etc. Not to mention starting to build relationships with our players and beginning to tackle the daily and weekly obligations of my job.


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Storm Clouds


So one week into my stay in Southeastern Louisiana, we are on the verge of a tropical storm hitting land where I am staying.  Warnings have already been issued in the town and on campus to be cautious and keep an eye on the storm. Hurricane watches become quite common when you live on the Gulf but are never to be dismissed for as many that come and go with a windy rain shower, others in our history have proved to be devastating to this region.  So as Tropical Storm Karen swarms around in the Gulf of Mexico, I will be keeping tuned to see if it’s safe to continue working in my office as we prepare for the upcoming season or to head out in town to grab some Cajun food. Some campus and community activities have already been cancelled in precaution but most people seem to think we will see some 50mph winds and heavy rain for a couple hours and then she will pass.  I guess only time will tell, but this Ohio native will be mobile and ready to act if the situation worsens.  Have a terrific and blessed weekend and thank you for checking in!


Back to College

Sioux Falls Skyforce Media Day


After 12 years as a Division I college basketball coach, I took advantage of an amazing opportunity last year to work for the NBA as 1st Assistant Coach for the Sioux Falls Skyforce of the NBA Developmental League which is affiliates for the Back to Back World Champion Miami Heat!


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Road Trip Day #2



Rest Stop Sign

The second day of my road trip resumed after resting for a couple short hours at the Mississippi Welcome Center near the state line between Alabama and itself.  As I pulled away from my parking place I realized that I hadn’t slept all night but a break from starring at oncoming headlights was good. The sun was rising and I knew it was going to be a beautiful day to make the long diagonal commute across the state and eventually into Louisiana.

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Road Trip



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There’s No Place Like Home


No matter where you are from or where you are now, there is always something special about spending time in the place where you grew up! You may be a permanent resident there or maybe you only get to visit for a couple days each year! Whatever your story, I am sure that you get that special sentimental feeling when the thought of your childhood home pops into your mind. Continue reading