The Transition of Moving!



 The transition of moving will always proved to be a hectic time where you are trying to accomplish a ton of things in a very short amount of time. This past month I accepted a coaching position in Louisiana. Since I was in Ohio at the time, I had to find someone to rent my house, decide what I was going to move with me as apposed to store. Then pack and make my trip across the country. Once arriving, I had to go through all the rigors of starting a new job such as a stack of HR paperwork, moving into my office, meeting the essential people whom I will interact with on a weekly basis and learning their function etc. Not to mention starting to build relationships with our players and beginning to tackle the daily and weekly obligations of my job.




However the most unique or challenging obstacle that I have faced is finding a permanent place to live.  I worked out a temporary situation for the first couple weeks as I tried to get settled but unlike most college towns where rental housing, apartments, and condos have oversaturated the market, Thibodaux was quite the opposite. Available housing options have been very sparse and since school is nearly a month into the semester all of the students have settle and occupied pretty much every reasonable option in the area.  This is definitely something I have never faced before as with my past stops I have secured great housing during a short afternoon of exploring the community.



Fortunately for me, I met someone right at the 9th hour who was willing to help.  With only 36 hours remaining at the temporary housing that I was staying in I found a man who offered a furnished apartment to me with a price and location that fit exactly what I was looking for.  I guess the lesson here is that no matter how much you have going on and how hectic things can be, everything always seems to work its way out in the end.  I am glad I was patient and waited for the right opportunity to arise.



One thought on “The Transition of Moving!

  1. If anyone can weather the storms of change, or the forces of nature, or the challenges of a new job… it’s You brother! Good luck for the upcoming season, and I know I don’t have to say “work hard”, because I’m sure you are already grinding away on the wall of work and responsibilities set before you!

    (Glad to hear you found an apartment to “call home”!)

    -Mike O’

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