Storm Clouds


So one week into my stay in Southeastern Louisiana, we are on the verge of a tropical storm hitting land where I am staying.  Warnings have already been issued in the town and on campus to be cautious and keep an eye on the storm. Hurricane watches become quite common when you live on the Gulf but are never to be dismissed for as many that come and go with a windy rain shower, others in our history have proved to be devastating to this region.  So as Tropical Storm Karen swarms around in the Gulf of Mexico, I will be keeping tuned to see if it’s safe to continue working in my office as we prepare for the upcoming season or to head out in town to grab some Cajun food. Some campus and community activities have already been cancelled in precaution but most people seem to think we will see some 50mph winds and heavy rain for a couple hours and then she will pass.  I guess only time will tell, but this Ohio native will be mobile and ready to act if the situation worsens.  Have a terrific and blessed weekend and thank you for checking in!