Holidays and Hoops

Xmas bike

If you are a basketball player or coach you undoubtedly have a unique relationship with the upcoming Holiday Season that is rapidly approaching! When most families think of Christmas and New Years as a time for parties, socials, dinners, gift exchanges and Christmas musicals or plays; those that are in a basketball family may have a little bit different view.




Yes, the typical basketball coach and player usually get some family time and opportunity to join in on the Christmas fun but to a much lesser extent due to their busy hoops schedule during the holidays.  There are so many games and tournaments throughout this time that it would be a rare instance for you not to be involved. So when you have practices, travel and games for the players and add in scouting and/or recruiting for coaches as well, you can see how a lot of things that the normal person may participate in over the typical 10 days or so that make up the heart of the holidays must be sacrificed due to the commitment to their love of basketball.



I personally have had games on Christmas day as well as the day after, also New Years and its Eve.  Basketball at one time or another has occupied pretty much any combination of days that you can think of during this time of the calendar throughout my career as a player or coach!



So when you are sitting home on your couch or in the stands watching a ball game this Holiday Season, keep in mind all of the sacrifice the participants have made in order to, yes do something they enjoy, but also to entertain you during this most festive time of year!



Happy Holidays!!

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