A San Francisco Treat!



I have been very fortunate to have a few extra days to spend in San Francisco, CA this past week and what a terrific surprise it has been.  This city is bustling with high energy and activity in every direction! I feel a high level of positive energy as I stroll the streets and take in the sites and sounds.



San Francisco, which was first founded in 1776 by visitors from Spain really took off in the mid 1800’s due to the California Gold Rush and now is one of the top tourist destinations in the world.



I have had the chance to take in a variety of activities at Union Square, visited the University of San Francisco, taken in the sites of the Golden Gate Bridge, learned the history of Alcatraz Island, and nearly escape being run over by a cable car among others during my time in the Bay Area.



One of the most visited cities in the US will prove to be a delightful stay in you are every able to spend some time in this energetic city! Prior to this week it was never at the top of my list of places to visit but now it has skyrocketed up the charts in my mind!




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