The Season’s 1st Game!

Rim & Ball

College basketball season is officially here! The first game day of the year always has a special feel for me as I have dedicated my life, up to this point, to the game of basketball. I have had the opportunity to coach in different systems under a diverse group or coaches and in several different parts of the country, but when that initial game on the schedule finally arrives it is always a very similar feeling.




The first game of the year whether it be on your home floor or away is the day where you get to see some results of your year of recruiting, off season workouts, strength and condition training, mental maturing and evolution and growth of your leadership and team chemistry all at once!  You get to set the initial benchmark for the season of where your team is as a group and quickly emphasize where you hope to go over the journey of your upcoming season.  Some of your players will be playing in their first college game, which is always a special experience while others will be tipping it off for maybe their final season of organized basketball ever!



Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be energized as always but will more than likely have even a little more pep to my step as I know it’s only hours before I get the opportunity to enter an arena as a coach. The smell of concession stand popcorn and the sound of a pep band will never get old especially when I know there will be some hoops along with it!  Seasons will begin all across the country this weekend as will the quest to cut down the nets. I know where I will be: Auburn Arena in Alabama for the Nicholls vs. Auburn game!





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