Pre-Season Hoops Contests!





Most if not all college basketball coaches refer to the season in 4 parts, the pre-season, non-conference schedule, conference, and the post season.  In a perfect world, each part prepares you to do grow as a unit and be even better when the next segment of the season arrives.  If this indeed takes place your team will find itself competing for a league championship in March and ultimately the post-season spectacle of the NCAA Tournament!




This is the final weekend of the pre-season with the regular season beginning this upcoming week with non-conference games tipping off across the country. In the pre-season there are a couple different options that a program can take. With each allowed two pre-season type contest’s, some school opt for the “secret” scrimmage option where two teams meet up for an afternoon of scrimmaging and testing out different situation vs. each other.  Some coaches prefer this because you can have more control over the event with more opportunity to teach, also you could play more than just the standard 40 minutes of a game if you wish in order to get everyone ample playing time. This is also a closed event with no fans or potential distractions



The other option is your standard exhibition game.  This is where a team attempts to simulate an actual game day situation with a contest vs. an opponent.  An exhibition is a complete game with referees, fans, announcers and everything else the comes with a normal game day however the results do not count towards the teams actual record or standings!



Some coaches choose to do two of either of these options and others will do one of each, but rest assured; whoever your college basketball team is they are finishing up their pre-season and raring to get started with their actual season! I hope you enjoy the best season of the year and your team gets to cut the nets down come March! Enjoy the ride and let’s get the ball tipped up!



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