Cruising to Mexico!

cruise deck

This past weekend I got to travel on a luxurious Carnival Cruise ship to Cozumel, Mexico and back! This trip couldn’t have been better with near perfect weather and pristine waters in every direction, I was left to relax, appreciate, and reflect on how good life is! Continue reading

Rebounding In The Game Of Life



Let’s face it. Life is hard. Nobody is immune to the unexpected events, twists and turns, and adversity that happen in this game called life. In fact, it is a safe bet to say you will be knocked down many times along your own journey. The odds may seem stacked against you during certain low points. You might even feel like watching the rest of the “game” from the bench. However, just as a rebound in basketball gives you a new opportunity to attempt to score, you can rebound in life and transform your situation into something better than you ever thought possible! But, you must approach your struggles with the right mind-set. The great philosopher Mike Tyson said it best: “Everyone has a plan until they are hit.” Continue reading