Rebounding In The Game Of Life



Let’s face it. Life is hard. Nobody is immune to the unexpected events, twists and turns, and adversity that happen in this game called life. In fact, it is a safe bet to say you will be knocked down many times along your own journey. The odds may seem stacked against you during certain low points. You might even feel like watching the rest of the “game” from the bench. However, just as a rebound in basketball gives you a new opportunity to attempt to score, you can rebound in life and transform your situation into something better than you ever thought possible! But, you must approach your struggles with the right mind-set. The great philosopher Mike Tyson said it best: “Everyone has a plan until they are hit.”

The key to overcoming this “hit” — whatever it may be — is a great Rebound! Rising above the rest. Battling for another shot. A positive mind-set fueled by hope and the refuse to lose attitude of a champion can go a long way in turning treacherous mountains in our path to mere speed bumps! You must have a resilient stance to not accept being down and out! We are ALL very talented and possess many gifts, but this can become camouflaged in our minds during our most vulnerable times. It is necessary to re-evaluate your core values, intentionality, and purpose. This requires an adjustment to your vision as you move forward. A positive attitude and sincere feeling of gratitude for the lessons you have learned will allow you to move full speed ahead toward a bigger and brighter future. This self-evaluation of your core values and purpose is what will ignite your passion and confidence in your many talents in order to rise above adversity and go after your dreams!

Very important:  When you feel a full-court press coming on, don’t try to dribble and score alone. Nobody likes a ball hog!  Remember your teammates! Pass the ball! Life is not supposed to be lived alone! Once you decide that you are willing to fight and will not settle for being a victim of life’s coincidences, it is okay to ask for help! Reach out to your network of friends; share your vision with trusted advisers. You will see a powerful chain reaction touch your life. I firmly believe that people around you want to help. I have been pleasantly surprised over and over by how assists seem to come from those with whom I have no attachment!

When you trust the passion in your heart, and expect your dreams to come true, you will find yourself turning the adversities you encounter in life into avenues for growth and improved quality of life. Keep taking shots, follow your shots, get the rebound, and never ever give up!


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