The Vegas Hoops Gamble


Las Vegas is a place where people come from around the world to experience an atmosphere and excitement that they cannot regularly have at home. There is entertainment, nightlife and of course gambling in the most luxurious of settings. Whether a complete amateur or a seasoned professional, everybody hopes to hit the jackpot and leave this city with much more than they arrived with!

This chance to roll the dice and win big has also become the focus for basketball players from around the world. Due to Las Vegas’ terrific appeal for travel and vacation it has become the hub for summer basketball events of all levels. High school players travel in from around the country and beyond in hopes to display their talents at a level high enough where they win themselves college scholarship offers. Junior College players leave their campuses and head to Nevada’s most popular city to try to stand out enough to take their talents to the Division I level. Former college player’s from coast to coast fill up gymnasiums and compete in different combine formats hoping to hit it big with a professional contract overseas. Then there is the top of the food chain where some of the finest players on the planet lace them up over a two week period as part of the NBA Summer League hoping to reach the pinnacle of the sport by being signed to an NBA roster. This can be better than hitting the progressive slots because if you can stick in the league you will be rewarded with money, celebrity, and be among the elite athletes in the world! A dream come true, for anyone who has ever called themselves a basketball player!


So just like those playing poker, craps, roulette, or the slots, these basketball players are hoping to come to Las Vegas, Nevada to cash in! Some will Win and some will Lose, but the opportunity and the stage is definitely here for all to try their luck in Sin City!


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