NBA Playoff Time!


The NBA Playoffs are here! The match-ups are set! Under the guidance of new commissioner Adam Silver, the season that began with 30 hopeful franchises has been trimmed to 16 teams with a chance to achieve the dream of being World Champions! The NBA, which was founded in 1946, has grown to be a global phenomenon and is host to the highest paid athletes (average salary) on the planet. With the 82 game regular season now complete, the league is ready to tip off its 8 first round play-off series’ which will eventually lead to the crowning of the 2014 World Champs who will have the honor of hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy.

This years #1 seeds after nearly 6 months of competition will be the San Antonio Spurs and the Indiana Pacers, but the back to back reigning champion Miami Heat who will be a #2 seed still are the kings on the hill until someone is able to prove differently! The question remains to be answered on whether the Heat will be the first team to 3-peat since the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls era or will and youth laden team climb that mountain? There are many young and hungry teams who have not won a championship that are eager to join the elite and don’t forget the ever steady veteran clubs like the Spurs who have championship experience!


This years play-offs are sure to be quite exciting as the defenses are amped up, fouls get harder, and teams compete at a high level for 48 minutes each and every night! This is the time of year where you either step up and get it done or start your summer off-season early! Sit back and enjoy the action!


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