Thanksgiving Aftermath

For many of us Thanksgiving means a long 4-day weekend filled with eating, watching sports, and socializing with friends and family. For others it may be the start of the Christmas season and a kickoff to shopping as well as holiday decorating.  Thanksgiving dates all the way back to 1621 and have been recognized as a national holiday since 1863 as a celebration of gratitude for all of our many blessings!




Although the couch time and huge feasts are great, it is very important to take some time to reflect and truly be thankful for the vast array of things that we all have to be appreciative of in our lives.  Now I am sure most people do still recognize and honor the underlying theme of this historic holiday, but I often ask why this mindset isn’t continued each and everyday of our year!



I think the quality of everyone’s individual lives as well as our communities and neighborhoods would benefit from a huge uplifting movement if we all practiced a little thanksgiving each and everyday. I try to treat it like a year round holiday, of course without out the days of from work, and I encourage you to do so as well!



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