Homecoming Season!


Photo Courtesy of freedigitalphoto.net

Tis’ the season for Homecoming celebrations across the nation.  This is the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school at universities, colleges and high schools. It typically includes events for current students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the campus, city or town. The tradition of Homecoming has its origins in alumni football games held at colleges and universities since the mid-1800s. Many schools have tried to lay claim to having the first Homecoming, but it is unclear as to who was the first to host such activities, however the NCAA recognizes the University of Missouri as the birthplace of Homecoming in 1911.




Homecoming for me has always meant a great weekend of gathering back on campus to reconnect with old friends, many of whom you haven’t seen in years or maybe since last Homecoming.  It’s a time to reminisce about the past and catch up on the current, share laughter and fun times with the main event of the weekend being the tailgate party and football game!  I don’t get to make it back every year to my high school and/or university Homecoming but when I do I never conclude the weekend disappointed in the great time that I had.



This year due to my new position, I will miss both of my upcoming Homecoming weekends at St. John’s Jesuit High School and The University of Toledo, but I trust that it will be a cherished weekend for my friends, peers, and former classmates as well as the next generation of current students.



I didn’t miss the tradition all together though as I was able to partake in the Homecoming weekend at Nicholls State University down here in Louisiana this past weekend. I enjoyed some hot food right off the grill and witnessed the home team take a 44-34 victory into the night underneath the bright stadium lights!



So don’t miss out on your opportunity to stop out to your old stomping grounds whether it is your high school or college and take in the time honored tradition of Homecoming!



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