Million Dollar Dreams!

Money Pic

Often in my travels I run across young people with million dollar dreams, a desire for the finer things in life and a wish to reach the pinnacle in their chosen trade. However, all too often those million dollar dreams are coupled with a minimum wage work ethic and mindset!

Everybody as a young adult aspires for something in life and usually it is something of greatness. Nobody as a teenager says, I hope to grow up and live in a trailer park or to work for a minimum wage employer (not that there is anything wrong with this, but just making the point that this isn’t what the young dreamer aspires for).

So what goes wrong between the point of ones quest for luxury and happiness and where the majority of society ends up? You could easily say that life happens and becomes more of a deterrent at times than a catalyst to our plan. I would argue however that often time’s people talk of million dollar dreams but their actions are more of a minimum wage employee.

Achieving something special is hard and requires a lifestyle commitment. Your dreams and aspirations have to be a part of you. Your life quest to reach your dreams has to be an integral piece of who you are and what you do. The principles that you live by have to mirror where you are trying to end up.

I challenge you to visualize the end results of where you want to be and work backwards to where you are now, planning and designing your million-dollar mindset in order to guide your way of life until you reach the goals that you have deemed what you want. If won’t be easy, and many times over you will want to quit, which most will, but if its important enough to you, failure will not be an option!


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