Professional Basketball Combine

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The Overseas Basketball Combine is an awesome experience and opportunity for basketball players of all walks of life to keep their hoop dreams alive. This weekend players traveled from around the country to Tampa, FL for a three day event with the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of catching some decisions makers attention that could lead to a contract to play professional basketball somewhere on this planet.

Players of varied ages and backgrounds with all sorts of playing resumes ranging from never playing organized sports all the way to veteran professionals compete to try to find an opportunity to earn a paycheck playing the game that they love. Each player competes in drill sessions and live games as well as attends informational sessions and motivational talks all included in the price of their entrance fee.

From the other point of view, the gym is filled will observers ranging from agents, talent scouts, coaches, general managers, team owners and personal trainers all looking for a piece to add to their puzzle. These people seeking talent are from all around the world including the US and Canada, but also from various countries in Europe, Asia and beyond. So they too have a “cost of admission” to an event like this in terms of travel flights, hotels, rental cars etc. So this can be quite an expensive venture for both parties all in hopes that both sides can find what they are looking for; which is an opportunity to improve their own personal situations within the business of basketball.

How does it all shake out?? Well the scouts get to gain a ton of information on a lot of guys in a short time for their service or teams they represent. For a GM, Coach, or Team Owner, if you can find one guy who can add value to your organization then the weekend would be considered a WIN. As for the players, some reach the reality that the professional game may not be in their cards. Others earn that opportunity to continue their playing careers and earn the right to call themselves a Professional Athlete.

The variance in different contracts available around the globe for players in an event like this is almost as wide as the planet itself. Depending on the league, country, and impact a projected player can make, the salary can range from $50 per game to $100,000 per month with a plethora of other perks added.

So its fair to say that a weekend in Tampa could change your life forever and fulfill your childhood dreams, or you could go home with a few less dollars and a severe need to ice and hydrate. Either way you are sure to have a great time playing the best game on earth!


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