The Madness of March!!!


March Madness is upon us! The greatest and most exciting month is sport’s is now rolling with conference tournaments in full swing across the nation! Almost nightly teams are punching their tickets to the Big Dance and filling a line on the all elusive 68 team bracket that initially began as a 8 team tournament back in 1939.  Since then it has grown to epidemic proportions in terms of intrigue and excitement that it brings not only to our country, but also globally!  However Championship week also has its fair share of disappointments as bubbles are busted and careers come to an end a little prematurely as upsets are commonplace in the final week prior to the actual NCAA Tournament.


Each and every year new legends are born and more heartbreak strikes, but the adrenaline rush and pure joy that this event brings to all are undeniable. Whether you are a novice sports fan or a die-hard statistical junkie, there is little doubt that you will be tuning in at some point over this next month.

Although the NCAA’s Big Dance has become very big business with annual revenues in the area of a billion dollars, the life long memories that players, coaches, fans, cheerleaders, pep band members and everyone else involved take home with them are priceless!

So enjoy the ride over the next month; which will all culminate on April 7th with One Shining Moment!


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