Frigid Future Forcasts

Snow Pic

With cold weather sweeping the nation bringing frigid temperatures and record snow falls resulting in school cancellations, road closings, and even entire towns being shut down it makes me wonder if this the norm that we will be seeing in the future?


Breaking snowfall and temperature records that date back to the 1970’s and beyond may just be a coincidence or maybe it’s a global issue that is going to continue to worsen.  Maybe this is an epic environmental issue that will continue to affect us all.  Hotter/Dryer summers and Colder/Frigid winters as the seasons of Spring and Fall slowly disintegrated into longer Summers and Winters!

I don’t know but it seems that there is a lot of evidence pointing to the fact that we have beat up and abused our lovely planet for so long that some of these negative affects are starting to come back to punish us!  With new legislation and a more environmentally conscience citizens becoming standard maybe its not too late to turn this around and heal our planet, or maybe it is?

It is unknown what the future holds for our forecast and how our climate may continue to be affected but I know this winter has be rough on a lot of people, so if this is an arbitration not to be experienced for another 30-40 years great, but if this is to become the norm for future generations, there are going to be a lot of closed school days!


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