Rebounding In The Game Of Life



Let’s face it. Life is hard. Nobody is immune to the unexpected events, twists and turns, and adversity that happen in this game called life. In fact, it is a safe bet to say you will be knocked down many times along your own journey. The odds may seem stacked against you during certain low points. You might even feel like watching the rest of the “game” from the bench. However, just as a rebound in basketball gives you a new opportunity to attempt to score, you can rebound in life and transform your situation into something better than you ever thought possible! But, you must approach your struggles with the right mind-set. The great philosopher Mike Tyson said it best: “Everyone has a plan until they are hit.” Continue reading

It’s Not Easy To Be A Dumb Jock Anymore


Once upon a time there may have been some validity  to the legend of the “Dumb Jock” who rarely attended classes and when did was present in courses like Basket Weaving 101, Intro to Bowling, and Finger Painting for freshmen. Jokes like this have been passed around for generations on college campuses and beyond where athletes were rumored to be on campus merely for games and post-game parties. Continue reading

The Night I Met Muhammad Ali

imageI will never forget the night I met Muhammad Ali, the greatest heavyweight champion of all time! A man who is widely considered one of the greatest athletes in history was also extremely influential outside the ring, most notably in the areas of religious freedom, racial justice, and social change. Continue reading